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C-uppsats Engelska / 2009:046

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The Harry Potter series : innocent family fiction or occult black magic?

Milwee, Linda

Språk och kultur

This essay attempts to look into why the Harry Potter books are prone to being banned in certain states in the USA, and if there is a legitimate reason for the banning. J.K. Rowling’s books about the young wizard Harry Potter are some of the world's most favourite children's books, and they have created a reading explosion among young people. Nevertheless, they are also the ones facing the greatest controversy. The book banning occurs all over the world, but mostly in certain states in the USA. The first chapter gives a background on USA's Freedom of speech and banned books in the past, while the second chapter focuses on the most banned book of all times, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Here the essay endeavours to see on what grounds the banning is made on and what particular parts of the book people object to.

ISSN 1402-1773 / ISRN LTU-CUPP--09/046--SE / NR 2009:046

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