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Internationella ekonomprogrammet C-nivå / 2003:140

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Standardization and adaptation in international advertising of consumer goods: a case study of Libresse

Dahlberg, Elina; Lindgren, Lena; Rosendahl, Anna


Industriell ekonomi och samhällsvetenskap / Industriell marknadsföring och e-handel

Much has been written on the subject standardization and adaptation in international advertising, however, there have been few general conclusions and agreements. The purpose of this thesis is to gain a better understanding of standardization and adaptation in international advertising of consumer goods. The research investigates what motivates companies to standardize or adapt their international advertising, which factors that decide to what degree the international advertising is standardized or adapted, and finally how companies are standardizing or adapting the elements of their international advertisements.

A case study on Libresse and how the company deals with standardization and adaptation of international advertising has been conducted. The conclusions that can be drawn from the findings of our research are that the main motive for Libresse to standardize the international advertising is to gain economies of scale, and that the company generally adapts the international advertising in order for consumers to be able to relate to the advertisement. Furthermore, the company’s economic situation and the consumer profile are important factors to consider when choosing the extent of standardization and adaptation in international advertising. When investigating how the advertisements are standardized and adapted, our research shows that text and voiceovers are frequently adapted, while visual elements, appeals and buying proposals are standardized.

ISSN 1404-5508 / ISRN LTU-SHU-EX--03/140--SE / NR 2003:140

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