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Master Thesis, Continuation Courses Marketing and e-commerce / 2008:039

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Recommender system acceptance by TPB in Iran retail market

Bagherpour, Sanaz

Business Administration and Social Sciences / Industrial marketing and e-commerce

Internet as the tool of transferring data and information helps most industries to be more effective in their specializations. Ecommerce as the next step after internet guides the discussion into retail and act of selling and buying. Making the act of purchasing via internet and electronic means, speed up the retail activities and avoid making huge losses of energy and costs. But the huge load of data in ecommerce web site, make the process even hard and time consuming. Many critiques agree on that the price that must be spent to reach the right information is higher than gaining the data without ecommerce. Some scientists complain that the time and energy that may consume in reaching the appropriate information make the searching steps even harder and out of control. Therefore, Recommender System has been introduced. Recommender System (RS) as a system which is used in retail sector helps users in searching the appropriate product or service in the least time with best price. It is mostly used in online services as an ecommerce tool. But the main focus in this research is adoption of RS as the new system in retail environment. To be more accurate in adoption discussion, we have extracted that customers are the main target in adoption as they are the major users of RS in retail industry. Thus, customers' behavior toward RS as the recent system is the main topic in this research. For this reasons some acceptance models will be nominated to be developed for this purpose in the literature review part. Mentioning the important factors for adoption system in retail, we will choose Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) to measure customers' behavior in accepting RS as the new technology in retail. The questionnaire and the focus group that will be conducted in this research will be referred to the factors of TPB model and its usage in retail sector. The results from analyzing the gathered data, will illustrate the important factors in accepting RS in retail. Without ecommerce in retail sector:

* The retail industry may not achieve its goal which is to attract new customers and keep customers as it is required

* The lack of time may cause serious problems in terms of fastness and speed

* Cost and spending energy in shopping is two major points for customers in purchasing

ISSN 1653-0187 / ISRN LTU-PB-EX--08/039--SE / NR 2008:039

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